Leader: Mawarni Laily
Ratio:   6 children to 1 staff member
Age:     20 months to 3 years

Our tots room is more structured than the babyroom whilst still remaining true to the child's needs and requirements to play and learn through play.

9:00 Welcome
9:30 Tabletop work (threading/pegs/jigsaws/posting)
10:00 Verbal learning (colours/shapes/alphabet/counting/songs)
10:30 Music and movement time
11:00 snack
11:30 nappy change/garden time
12:00 sleep
1:30 lunch/nappy change
2:00 imagination play
2:45 garden time
3:30 toy time
4:00 dinner time
4:45 book time
5:15 colouring time
5:45 free play
6:30 home time

Baby Room

Tots Room



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